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September 27, 2014
Team Field
VSC Micro Boys Robert Gray Middle School
VSC Micro Girls Robert Gray Middle School

October 4, 2014
Team Field
VSC Rutman U7B Jackson Middle School
VSC Edlund U7G Jackson Middle School
VSC Shah U8B Portland Heights
VSC Team Erickson U11B Washington Park

October 11, 2014
Team Field
VSC Team Stuart U9B Smith Elementary
VSC Team Summer U9B Smith Elementary
VSC Blue Dragons U10B Smith Elementary
VSC Team Olander U8B Portland Heights
VSC Blue Cheetahs U8G Portland Heights

October 18, 2014
Team Field
VSC Wildcats U9G Smith Elementary
VSC Dragons U7B Jackson Middle School
VSC Wildcats U10G Smith Elementary
VSC Morse U10B Smith Elementary
VSC Cheetahs U10G Smith Elementary

November 1, 2014
Team Field
VSC Reese/Holzman U7B Portland Heights
VSC Capozzi U7G - Vista Monkeys Portland Heights
VSC Team Farris U8B Portland Heights
VSC Green Pythons U8B Maplewood Elementary
VSC ThunderBolts U11B Powell Park